Paula Stewart

Comprehensively certified by Power Pilates. Completed this 600+ Hours certification in 2007

Comprehensively certified by the Pilates Wellness Center in West Palm Beach Fla. Completed this Polestar based 400+ hours certification in 2004

Paula previously taught and trained horses in the discipline of dressage since 1987. She is very experienced in the art of teaching mind/body movement.

Definition from Power Pilates
Our curriculum is based on a Classical, Systematic and Integrative philosophy: Classical: All our programs honor the original teachings, principles, vocabulary and exercise order as outlined by Joseph Pilates and passed on by Romana Kryzanowska and the elders. While "Contemporary" Pilates programs may adapt, modify or reinterpret the exercises, method or language, we maintain a focus on the original intent of Joseph Pilates work. Systematic: From Beginner to Intermediate and on to Advanced level, each exercise or session has a systematic and meaningful sequence that is organized with a natural yet defined purpose and progression. This ensures a level of consistency among our instructors and provides for constancy of training among clientele. Integrative: Our programs use the original Pilates Apparatus and provide the intelligence for understanding how each piece of Apparatus works and how to integrate them into a workout at the appropriate time and for the correct purpose, ensuring the best result based on individual client needs.

The Pilates Method Alliance is a non-profit industry organization that affirms educator credentials and administers certification testing in compliance with industry best practice and standards. Power Pilates is a credentialed educator of the PMA.

Paula’s story
Here is what led me to Pilates and the benefits I have enjoyed.

During my riding and training career I always had excellent feel and understanding of the horse but I lacked strength and good posture in the saddle. Although I was physically fit I lacked abdominal strength which makes good posture impossible. It also made it difficult to follow instructions to “sit taller” or “get your shoulders back” but at the time I didn’t know it was because of a weak core. I did try a few conventional abdominal workouts but they only made my neck and shoulders sore. This not only held me back in being effective and competitive but it also led to worsening back problems from years of riding. My back problems were starting to get in the way of getting in the saddle. As anyone with a sport or hobby they are passionate about knows, this is a call to action!

As luck would have it I read an article in a riding magazine about an international rider and her Pilates routine. Great! I gave it a try and have never looked back. My passion for Pilates and what it did for my body and my riding grew into a second career for me.

The results I got amazed me then and continue to inspire me every day. A stronger core and increased flexibility made everything that was difficult about riding for all those years possible and then easy. Sit taller, shoulders back, sitting trot, no problem. It was like I could finally get out of my own way and out of my horse’s way. Finding an inner power or another gear in your sport or hobby is an incredible thing that Pilates does. I have seen it in my clients who play tennis or golf or run or ski or ride countless times. Their performance improves because they improve their bodies in a functional way. Their coaches are amazed because they can now do what is being asked of them.

I am now also completely free of the back problems that were really interfering with the quality of my life. With a strong core my spine is supported and I can move without pain. With a now flexible spine I have a freedom of movement I never had even when I was younger. It’s a good thing too because I became a mother at the age of 43 and I need all the strength and flexibility I can get! I also attribute my easy pregnancy and delivery of my son to my continued Pilates practice and I’m counting on it to keep me young as he grows up! Thanks Joe! I don’t think I could have done it without you.

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